Persbrandt med mycket i Hobbit 2?

Jag har tänkt gå och se The Hobbit 2 på premiärdagen.
Eller, jag har bestämt mig för det faktiskt!
Har redan förhandsbokat biljetter och allting.
Köpte tre stycken, tog bara en kvart att hitta några som ville haka på! :)

Tror ni Mikael Persbrandt kommer vara med mycket i filmen?
Han ska spela någon slags druid vid namn Bjoern.

Det har hypats en del i svenska tidningar men inte överdrivet.
Ifall han haft en någorlunda stor roll skulle nog skriverierna varit betydligt större.
Aftonbladet är ju experter på att överdriva.

Hur som helst.
Har bestämt mig för att köpa en 3D-tv faktiskt!
En polare som ska flytta utomlands erbjöd mig en bra deal.
Surfade in på http://smslå så bör ha pengar på måndag.
Det var inte bråttom för hans del, eller jag hade några veckor på mig åtminstone.
Känns dock rätt att betala så fort som möjligt.
Han lär ju ha en hel del utgifter nu i samband med flytten!

The first BCSC was taking place on 25 June

The First UK Business Chinese Speech Contest was taking place on 25 June, 2011 at European Business School London, Regent’s College.

The contest was jointly organized by London Confucius Institute, SOAS Language Centre, European Business School London, Regent’s College and Propeller TV Channel. It was sponsored by Confucius Institute Online, HSBC, Haier, ZTE, Cypress Books, Honav and Xinhua Bookstore. The event was also kindly supported by the China-Britain Business Council, the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and China Enterprises Association in Britain.

The Contest aims to facilitate the learning and teaching of Chinese language, to enhance the understanding of modern Chinese business and culture, and to promote cultural exchanges and mutual understanding between China and Europe. Meantime, the event has promoted the Confucius Institute Online in both education and business communities.

After the initial selection, 8 contestants were shortlisted into the final round. They are from various professional fields, such as banking, law, trading, accounting and etc. At the end,Mr. Nils Lindqvist, from Sweden, working at KPMG, won the First Prize Award. Although it was the first time that a business Chinese speech contest was held, the Chinese level of all the contestants is very high, and most of those present at the contest were very impressed with the finalists; spoken Chinese and their solid and deep knowledge about China.

London Confucius Institute very much hopes to run the Business Chinese Speech Contest on an annual basis in the future, as it will provide a platform for business professionals interested in Chinese to demonstrate their Chinese capability and practical knowledge.

1st Business Chinese Speech Contest – 25th June

The First Business Chinese Speech Contest


Date:                     Sat, 25 June 2011                                             

Time:                    13:30

Venue:                 European Business School London                          

Address:              Inner Circle, Regents Park, Regent’s College                                                       

NW1 4NS, London (Nearest station: Baker Street Station)


13:30 – 17:00      Final Speech Contest

17:30 – 18:00      Award Ceremony

18:00 – 20:00      Reception

Everyone is welcome to observe the final contest and all the attendees will be given small souvenirs.   As the spaces are limited, attendance is by confirmation only. Early registration is recommended. Register here

Business Chinese Speech Contest

Date of Contest: Saturday 25 June 2011

Apply by: 21 May 2011

The London Confucius Institute, based at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, is delighted to launch a new Business Chinese Speech Contest. The contest is jointly organised with the European Business School London, Regents’ College, and sponsored by Confucius Institute Online.

The event is also kindly supported by the China-Britain Business Council and the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and with forthcoming sponsorships from businesses based in the UK.

The purposes of Business Chinese Speech Contest are:

  • to facilitate learning and teaching of Chinese language in business community via resources such as Confucius Institute Online, which is free;
  • to enhance understanding of modern Chinese business culture and practice and to complement the existing Chinese speech contests for schools and universities;
  • to encourage business and cultural exchanges and promote mutual understanding between China and Europe.

Eligibility for Entry:

  • ·         Non-heritage Chinese
  • ·         Non-Chinese nationals
  • ·         Minimum 18 years of age
  • ·         Not in full-time further education
  • ·         Resident in EU countries


Application Procedure:

To enter the contest, candidates must complete the Application Form online and submit it by 21 May 2011, and also send a recorded audio speech of 8 to 10 minutes in Chinese on a self chosen topic related to one’s own experience of or reflections on Chinese business behaviours or business culture or Chinese business development.


Event Organizers:

The London Confucius Institute

SOAS, Language Centre

European Business School London, Regent’s College

London Jing Kun Opera Association and Asian Music Circuit Events

Here are the 4 links to the Asian Music Circuit/Centre website. The Purcell Room/ Southbank Centre online booking is open now: admission £10; £5 (students, seats limited). All booking details are shown on the web pages below.

1) 22/6 to 31/7 Enter Stage Right: Costumes from the Beijing Opera – Admission Free to this exhibition:

The Exhibition Launch is on 21/6, by invitation. If you would like to attend, please contact the AMC direct.

2) 25/6 – 26/6 Kunqu Opera Dan Voice and Movements Course:

3) 29/6  Calligraphy with Ruijun Hu:

4) Thurs 21/7 – An Evening of Beijing and Kunqu Opera: ‘The 4 Faces of the Dan in Beijing and Kunqu Opera’ – Show start time: 7.45 pm

This is an entirely different programme to what we have presented at SOAS. English and Chinese subtitles as usual. The link to online booking is shown on both websites below.

7.15 pm – 7.25 pm Lion Dance -in foyer of Queen Elizabeth Hall (shares same foyer with Purcell Room) opposite the drinks bar.

Lion Dance team: Ying Wan, Haishuo Liu (percussionists),Yu Zhang, Jenny Yan (lion dancers)

7.45 pm – Performance in Purcell Room

1) Instrumental solos and ensemble – Xiao Wang, Zenghui Qiu, Qi Zhang and tbc

2) The Heavenly Maiden Scatters Flowers                 Qin Liang

3) The River View Pavilion                                          Ming Lu

Interval 20 mins

4) Instrumental Ensemble

5) The King Bids Farewell to His Favourite                  Qin Liang

6) The Assassination of the Tiger General                   Kathy Hall

HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) 2011

HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) 2011

Dates and Times

HSK tests are held between 2pm and 5pm at SOAS in central London as follows:

  • 21st May 2011 (Application deadline: 12 noon on 29th April 2011)
  • 15th October 2011 (Application deadline: 12 noon on 23rd September 2011)

Application received after these deadlines will not be processed.

The HSK Test

A new HSK Test level system was introduced in 2010. The new system has six levels for the paper test and three levels for the oral test. SOAS Language Centre will host paper tests for HSK level 1 to level 3 only.

Test duration:

  • Level 1: 45 mins
  • Level 2: 55 mins
  • Level 3: 90 mins

Candidates for HSK Level 4 to Level 6, and for tests held on other dates, please contact HSK UK Committee for more details.

How to Register

To register for the HSK test you will need to send us:

  • A completed registration form.
  • 2 recent passport size photographs with your name written on the back
  • Fees (registration fee plus the appropriate HSK test fee)

Not sure about this?
Or contact the Chinese courses secretary here at SOAS Language Centre.

You will be issued with an HSK permit and directions to the test centre at SOAS after we have processed your completed registration form, photographs and fees. You will need to bring the HSK permit and a personal ID when coming to sit for the HSK test. You will also need pencils and eraser for the test. No dictionaries or other written materials are allowed in the room where the test takes place. Note that the test paper will be in Simplified Character format, unless otherwise requested upon application.


The registration fee is currently £15  (£10 registration fee for groups and current full-time and part-time students).

Test fees are:
  • HSK Level 1: £10
  • HSK Level 2: £20
  • HSK Level 3: £30

Cheques should be made payable to SOAS. We cannot accept cash.
Registration fees are non-refundable, and HSK test fees can be refunded up to a week before the date of the test minus a flat £10 administration charge.

Postgraduate Certificate / Diploma in Teaching Chinese

Pathway to MA in Chinese Language Teaching (subject to approval)

Start of programme: September intake only

Diploma: One calendar year (full-time) or two years (part-time Saturday daytime) Certificate: One year (part-time Saturday daytime)

Mode of Attendance: Mixed Full Time and Part Time


SOAS Language Centre is pleased to offer this new professional development Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma in teaching Chinese, which will contribute to the professionalisation of Chinese teaching in the UK and elsewhere.


The Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Chinese

The Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Chinese (only offered in part-time) programme has been specifically designed to meet the rapidly growing demand for trained and qualified teachers of Chinese in the UK and elsewhere. It equips students with the knowledge and skills which will enable them to teach Chinese to a broad profile of Chinese learners in UK, European and worldwide educational contexts.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Chinese

The Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Chinese (offered part-time and full-time) provides and equips students with the knowledge and skills to enable them to teach Chinese professionally and also enable students to fulfil supervisory and pedagogical roles such as course coordinator, teacher developer, course designer and materials developer. It will equip students with the knowledge and skills to deal with the teaching of Chinese in different contexts and through the integration of different varieties of Chinese language.

As a practical component, students will also become familiar with the content and design of instructional material and teaching/testing techniques, and will evaluate second language learners’ performance through the analysis of empirical data and adequate descriptive terminology. They will also be able to design appropriate lesson plans, and will have carried out a certain amount of practice in teaching Chinese.

Graduates will be qualified and well prepared for such professions as: teaching Chinese in higher education in the UK, Europe and other parts of the world; teaching Chinese at private institutions or companies; administrative or consultative roles at educational organizations; and editing roles in publishing houses specialised in language courseware.

Students who complete the Diploma in the first year can continue on to an MA in Chinese Language Teaching in the following year subject to MA programme approval.

The Diploma will comprise two thirds of the MA in Chinese Language Teaching which will start in 2011.

Entry to the MA in Chinese Language Teaching will be decided by the MA Programme Convenor.


The Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Chinese consists of 4 core courses, which can be taken on a full time (1 year of study, 6 hours per week) or part time basis (2 years of study, 3 hours per week), equivalent to 3 course units carrying 135 CATS credits at postgraduate level.

The Postgraduate Certificate in teaching Chinese can only be taken on a part-time basis (1 year 3 hours every Saturday) Equivalent to 1.5 course units carrying 67.5 CATS credits at postgraduate level. After successful completion of the certificate students will be able to continue to another year of part-time study in order to obtain the Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Chinese.

Core courses

All students on the programme must take the following courses:

  • Language awareness, methods and practice in teaching Chinese (1 unit)
  • Language learning (0.5 unit)
  • Chinese applied linguistics: theory and practice (0.5 unit)
  • Language teaching and professional development (1 unit)

Programme Specification for the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Chinese

Programme Specification for the Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Chinese

Dates for 2010 – 2011

PG Diploma in Teaching Chinese (full-time) Daytime:

Term 1: week commencing 27th September to week commencing 13th December

Term 2: week commencing 17th January to week commencing 4th April

Term 3: week commencing 3rd May to week commencing 18th July

PG Certificate in Teaching Chinese (part-time) Saturdays:

Term 1: Saturday 25th September to Saturday 11th December

Term 2: Saturday 8th January to Saturday 26th March

Term 3: Saturday 9th April to Saturday 16th July

No classes on the 23rd, 30th of April and 28th of May


PG Diploma in Teaching Chinese: £5950

Part-time PG Certificate in Teaching Chinese: £2975

Entry Requirements

Candidates must have a degree or equivalent (preferably in Chinese language or a related area). Candidates must pass a SOAS Language Centre test of Chinese language competency. Candidates must have a command of English equivalent to IELTS 7. This SOAS Admissions page gives more information about English language requirements.

Admission is by means of an interview after the receipt of application.

The closing date for applications is to be announced.

Candidates will be accepted on the programme subject to a satisfactory face-to-face interview with the programme convenor.

Arrangements can be made for telephone interviews.

How to Apply

To apply for this course you can:

  • Print out the application form from this link
  • Fill it in and fax or post it back to SOAS Language Centre. We are sorry that we cannot accept payment in cash, nor telephoned credit/debit card payment.
  • E-mail, telephone, fax or write in for an application form.

Ensure that you send us copies of certificates for the relevant qualifications noted in your application form as your application may not be considered without these documents.

This SOAS Admissions page gives useful information about postgraduate applications.